Lead paint removal cost 2023, for NY & Long Island

Lead paint removal cost and Lead Abatement contractors near me. It is very important to be sure your contractor is licensed with an EPA Certificate for Lead remediation. Free estimates for New York and Tri-state region, 24/7/365. Call us today – at (917) 908-0089

Lead Paint Removal Cost.

As far as the EPA is concerned, Pro lead-based paint removal for these 3 options costs; About $8 to $15 per sq ft or about $9,600 to $25,000 for a 1,200- to 2,000-square foot, house. The average removal project amounts to about $8,500. And as per estimate, over 73% of the houses in the United States still have lead-like paints on their surfaces and within.

While many people may think lead removal is also a DIY task; It may not really be, unless you are skilled in the area. There are quite a few reasons for this. But most noteworthy, you should be aware that lead cannot be detected; With the naked eyes, just by staring at a surface. Lead abatement.

Professionals in the area carry out a test, to detect lead available surfaces and decide; The best removal strategy, perfect for you. And the cost of getting an official inspector to help with the testing costs within the range of $350 – $500.

Dangers of Living in a House with Lead Paint.

Today, there are still millions of homes and apartments with a lead Abatement. What’s very important to note is that lead is not only present or cannot only be found in house paints. It is present in a lot of things in the home, beyond the paints on the wall. Home repair services. Some old furniture, toys, and jewelry that have lasted for decades in your home can all contain lead. So you really shouldn’t limit lead to only the paint on the wall of your house and your apartment renovation.

Lead can cause serious health problems to all age groups if not removed totally. But as harmful as it may be, lead is only dangerous when the paint is crushed down, flaked; Or mixed with dust particles. If you are still wondering why you need to build zero-tolerance against lead; Here are the dangers you are at risk of:

Lead Paint Removal Cost
Lead-based paint CERTIFICATE
  1. Lead Poisoning in Adults generally.

As earlier said anyone, can be a victim of the hazardous effects of lead. Our daily activities over the years have put us all in danger of being victims of Lead abatement and poisoning. But talking about lead, the US law states critically; That the appropriate precautions must be taken by any contractor,  hired for the painting; Demolition, or repair of any building built before 1978. This is to avoid lead contamination of the home and environment at large.

In 1978, the United States banned the use of lead-based paints to avoid its hazardous effects on the environment. But if you live in a house built before this year, just as there are still many pre-1978 structures standing today; You are at the risk of lead poisoning. Therefore, removal services are important to avoid any possible danger.

  1. Lead poisoning in children.

Babies have a common habit of ‘hand to mouth’, and that’s irrespective; Of whatever they find themselves holding at the moment. When playing with toys, they might ignorantly take items containing lead to the mouth. By doing this, they are injecting a highly hazardous amount of the toxic element into their body system. Being a very enthusiastic category of people, young children; Even peel of paints off the wall and, put into their mouths. Basement repair. 

  1. Lead Poisoning in Pregnant Women.

After young children who are easy prey to the toxic effects of lead, and deserving of protection in every way. Pregnant women are the next. Due to the fact that during the months of pregnancy, women are way more fatigued. Also, because of the fetus in them; Keeping them away from lead ingestion. It is one of the best things that can be done, for the delivery of a healthy child.

The exposure of a pregnant woman to excessive lead can result in miscarriage; Low birth weight and premature birth. Stillbirth, poor development of the baby, and more.

Can You Just Paint Over Lead-Based Paint?

Whether simply painting over or encapsulation is an ideal way, to be safeguarded; From the hazardous effect of lead-based paints. Certainly, one of the most frequently asked questions. Encapsulants are special types of paints that help to seal the lead paints in place to avoid chips or dust, compared to ordinary paints that only cover the lead paints. Bearing in mind also, all the NYC building violations

You can spray the surface with a sealer or cowl it with a mineral flat solid. However, using non-lead paint over lead-based paint is not a lasting solution. Although the lead-based paint may be painted, over by non-lead paint; This lead-based paint may continue to peel off from the surface below, creating lead dust.

Services from TCS NY:

  • Interior renovations – we can fix and make a reality, all your new ideas.
  • Interior Demolition and remodeling services for new projects.
  • HPD Violations removal involves correcting plumbing & heating violations.
  • Mold Remediation – obtaining obviate mold before too late phase.
  • Lead Removal & Lead paint removal to stop contamination in your home and therefore the atmosphere.
  • Exterior restoration – we have a tendency to facilitate restoring the heritage of your place.
  • Sponge jet technology – we modify the pricey noncurrent things, for improved and reliable performance.
  • Fire escape restorations, Tri-state. Fire escape violations and form sample.

Why You Should Call Only – (EPA) Certified Lead Contractors?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is the body in charge of lead paint removal services. And as part of its effort to ensure, the safety of people. It licenses and certifies organizations and, specialists in this field; To ensure they deliver the best service. Home Improvement Contractors!

Just anyone can claim to be a specialist in this field by showing you what they’ve done, but one thing you should have in mind is that the (EPA) has a precaution for its certified specialists. Taking down the paints, may not be the real task; Compared to making sure that the environment, is not contaminated with lead.

The EPA requirement for every specialist, in this field, is that they must possess “Lead Renovator RRP certification”. For every renovation that involves, more than 6 square feet of the interior; Or 20 square feet of exterior paint in residential, or child-occupied facilities – built prior to 1978. This certification is a step taken by the EPA toward eradicating the hazardous effects of lead poisoning. Mold Remediation.

There’s no limit;

To the method by which lead can be ingested into their bodies. Hence, why you should not take a risk by keeping them exposed to the danger.

Due to the innocence of young children, they are the most vulnerable to the hazardous effect of lead poisoning. It can cause serious damage that will harm their development in becoming healthy and perfectly stable well-grown adults. This is because lead poisoning affects, the development of the brain and, the nervous system. This can, in turn, lead to coma; Convulsion, and maybe death. Black mold removal services.

One of the major effects, it has on the brain is that it reduces the IQ of a child;  And, leads to a brain disorder. As a result of this, they are likely to be academically poor and mentally retarded. Many children are, in fact, more likely to die from lead poisoning than adults. Because their body absorbs lead, 4 to 5 times more.

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