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Tristate Contracting solutions Inc offers Mold and Lead removal services since 1995, caring for various needs of individuals. Including renovations, demolishing, and as this guide shows the removal of lead which can be very dangerous for NY buildings and NY apartments. The Environmental protection agency enacted strict laws to guide and protect against pollution and contamination as a result of exposure to lead. Houses built before 1978 are the most affected by these laws as in this period, lead paints were very common; More details for Lead abatement.

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So, if your home or your building was built before 197i, you must contact lead removal NYC. Our expert team would help you in conducting a paint inspection of the building and also the risk assessment process. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our certified professionals. Also, benefit from our NYC home renovations, and our Exterior restoration services. Specialized in Brownstone Renovations.


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We’re passionate about designing and building beautiful spaces in the Tri-State area. Structural renovations, Exterior restoration & general interior remodel!

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Complete Demolition & Dismantling Services – If you are planning a remodel to your home, or if you’re a business planning to remodel your entire building.

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Reliable and fast professional service for Mold Remediation & Mold Removal. Call Us Today for consulting, Inspection, and Testing‎ appointments.

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Expert assistance for HPD and DOH lead paint violations was removed. Certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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Home restoration and Interior demolition.

You may have a house that is well-built and the structure is still sound and relevant. In this case, you do not need to bring down the entire structure.  But if there are certain aspects of the home or apartments which need special upgrades and additions to make it look better for you, then you are looking at Interior renovation. It could include the renovation of your kitchen,  bathroom remodeling, and removal of walls to free up some space which thus brings us to interior demolition. To free up some space or to bring down or remove some structures during renovation involves interior demolition. Read more details for Black mold removal. Interior demolition may include bringing down roofs and even removal of floors. It is part of the various activities that renovation may entail and involve.  They no doubt work hand in hand and they are important and can be done when the entire building structure is okay and doesn’t require total change or demolition. HPD Violations for NYC.

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So, before you contact your personal contractor for work.

You should pay for a permit from the local authorities.  If it is a complex job that may require home additions, it could even require an inspection from time to time. As each city has its own rules so you have to ensure that you apply for a permit as required. In short, here is a useful article on Kitchen and bath remodeling, costs. At Tristate Contracting Solutions Inc, we are very eager to hear about your renovation ideas; And provide you with enough professionals, who can put them to work for you.  We also help with assessment, signing of a contract, and verification of the design of the required project; To see if it can be carried out, in each of the cities earlier mentioned. We endeavor to maintain our track record of success, by cross-checking all the plans and preparation;  Before we start creating the home, you so desire. Fire escape violations.

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