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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Tips and Costs, By Experts; Free Estimate 24/7. Tri-State Contracting Solutions Inc. is a licensed remodeling company in New York City. Consequently, with as many years of experience, as they have under their belt; It is no wonder that they are one of the best remodeling contractors in the entire Tri-State area. Free estimates (917) 468-8422, 24/7.

They have a wealth of well-trained and licensed experts, who are ever ready to talk with you in your place.  And, give you a more than fair estimate at all times, 24/7. Typically, when remodeling is carried out before the sale of a property;  it is able to get back about 65% – 70% of the total amount spent, on the remodel.

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Kitchen and bath remodeling

Renovating services, for Kitchen and bath remodeling.

The kitchen and bathroom remodeling has to be by far the most detailed and exciting renovations, carried out in any home. Year in and year out homeowners spend an insane amount of money on repairing, renovating, and remodeling their homes. These remodeling projects vary in different degrees, some may require demolition while others may be just a facelift. Useful post for Apartment renovation.

Whichever the case and regardless of how extensive the work that needs to be done is; A remodeling project is never an easy task to handle. To carry out a remodel project, one would need to hire a project manager to see the project through. In the case of kitchens and bathrooms, a licensed kitchen and bathroom remodeler would be required. A budget for the remodel costs would need to be drawn up, And plans on how to go about the project would need to be carried out. Brownstone Renovation.

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Kitchen Or A Bath?

Typically, different rooms in a home would have different remodel costs. Depending on how large they are, the amount and quality of materials that need to be bought. And, the extent of work that needs to be carried out. Anyone would like to argue that the kitchen has to be the most pricy part of the home to remodel. Simply because of all the work that would most likely be required as well as the cost of all the appliances; That may need to be installed in the kitchen.

Here is a quick breakdown, of what it would take to remodel an average kitchen and bath.

  • Kitchen – remodel cost!

The average cost of a kitchen remodel can be anywhere between, the ranges of $12,500 – $35,000. Bringing it to a single average figure of about $23,550. This is about $150 per square foot. A minor kitchen remodel can have an average remodel cost of about $20,000; While a major kitchen remodels cost can go up to about $62,000. A more advanced kitchen remodel; That would include custom kitchen cabinets, and top-notch kitchen appliances can run as high as $123,000 in costs. Kitchen remodeling can be just as costly, as it can be affordable. keeping in mind also, all the NYC building violations.

  • Bathroom – remodel cost!

A bathroom remodels can also cost a lot of money. Admittedly not as much as a kitchen would cost, but still it is quite a pricey part of the home to remodel. The average cost of a bathroom remodel, can range from between $3,000 – $25,000. This brings the average remodel cost for a midrange bathroom, to about $19,000.

Two major parts of a building that require, constant checks and work are kitchens and, bathrooms.

This is because of all of the plumbing, that runs through both areas. A bathroom remodels deal with the refurbishing of the bathroom; Upgrading the plumbing systems and, making sure that everything is in top working condition. The same can be said in the case of kitchens.

It is important to make sure, that the contractor that you hire is a licensed one.

Regardless of how you want to remodel your kitchen and bathroom. The importance of a licensed general contractor really cannot be overemphasized. Hiring a licensed contractor can save you from a lot of damages and costs. If anything goes wrong, you would know that the insurance of your contractor can cover it. But in the event that you decide to go with a contractor that does not have a license; And, if there happens to be a problem along the line, you would end up having to spend more than your budget can accommodate. In essence, in the long run, it is safer for you to hire a licensed contractor.

Before, you jump at the first licensed contractor that comes your way; You have to go through a checklist to vet the contractor. Basement repair services. 

Here is the list of checks to go through, before you hire a contractor:
  • Being a licensed contractor in New York City is compulsory; As this makes the contractor accountable to the union, in the case of any issues arising.
  • A contractor being insured is for your protection. This goes back to the case of any issues, arising during the course of the remodeling project. Should that happen, the contractor’s insurance would cover it and not you.
They Have To Have Passed, the Contractors Exam.
  1. A contractor’s exam is a necessity in New York City before an applicant is offered a contractor’s license. In NYC, in order to pass the test; It is necessary to get 21 out of the 30 questions asked correctly. This ensures that the contractor knows what they are doing; In accordance with the laws and, regulations of the state.
  2. Getting a contractor who is bonded is also for your protection. Bonding is a contribution that contractors make as a backup in the event; That insurance refused to cover the costs of any damages, that may occur. This means that if a bonded contractor, either fails to finish up a job or fails to do the job properly. Or even causes any damages due to negligence, their bond assures that you get paid. Commercial construction.
  3. Criminal Background Test. Almost everywhere, people who apply for a license would be subjected to going through a criminal background check; And even though this does not stop them from getting a license, it does give you a certain level of reassurance.

The above list is the main thing that you need to know, about any remodeling contractor; That you are looking to hire to carry out your remodeling project. It is important to have this checklist and make sure, that they check out; Before you make the commitment, of hiring and sticking to any contractor.

This would help you to decide if going through, the renovation plan would be worth it.
  • Typically, when remodeling is carried out before the sale of a property; It is able to get back about 65% – 70%, of the total amount spent on the remodel. Having a piece of real estate that you want to get on the market, can be a sufficient reason to consider carrying out a remodel.
  • It can help to increase the market value of real estate, especially in New York City. However, before you decide to remodel for sale, you should calculate your return on investment. And compare it, to the market value of the home in its current state.

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Tri-State Contracting Solutions Inc is very highly reputable in not only the quality of its work; But also in the quality of its customer service. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom or even your entire home anywhere in the Tri-State area, call us at your earliest convenience.

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