Fire escape violations and Fire Escape Repairs.

Does your Fire escape meet Fire Department requirements?

Our experts can help you with: Lead paint abatement, Fire escape repairs; Painting replacing parts, and welding all necessary restorations. According to the Department of Buildings, there are about 250,000 fire escapes in the city. They are all required to be maintained by building owners. In buildings, six stories and higher; Fire escapes and building facades are inspected by the DOB, every five years.

This year, there were more than 4,000 complaints to 311 and the DOB; As well as the Department of Housing Preservation and Development and FDNY. They also, do regular inspections to make sure firefighters are safe. Don’t wait for the DOB, to issue violations to your building.

What you need to know, regarding the lead and the mold problems. Furthermore,  fire escape violations!

Once you notice that the mold problem is severe and out of hand, you should contact us at Tristate Contracting Solutions Inc. Professionals would help you with third-party inspectors; Which would help you to inspect the building. Finally, here at some tips, we look out for when we suggest a professional.

  • A person who has a degree in science or engineering and has finished an approved course in mold identification. This certificate is usually gotten; From the American Board of Industrial Hygiene, or the American Council for accredited certification.
  • The inspectors which we suggest are also independent, and they are independent of other mold removals. They should also not even sell any mold removal products, as their job is; to Inspection for the removal companies, to know what to do. Considering also, all the NYC building violations.
  • Their reports should include, lab results showing air and surface test and their results as well.
  • They are not also expected to tell you if the mold problem you have can be handled on your own; Or if you should contact a professional.  Also, they should not try to downplay, any kind of mold as less important than the other.
  • You should allow expecting air samples to be collected and in some cases. Walls maybe need to be opened before samples are collected.
  • They also should be able to pinpoint, where the infestation started and how you can avoid it. Safety gears while removal takes place can be suggested too.

Many mold remediation NYC companies usually take just a few days to finish the cleaning, Fire escape violations. 

At Tristate contracting solutions, we carry out the following processes: 

  • Removing the materials which may have been infected by Mold.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the walls, surfaces, rooms, stairs and carpets, and other personal items.
  • Sometimes removal of walls if the mold affects even inside the walls.
  • The use of high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) flirtation system to vacuum.
NYCServ Violation form

The total new Sponge jet technology for NY.

  • looking for superior blasting procedures, to boost the quality of your coating construction projects? Sponge jet offers a lot of options. This cutting-edge technology is the ideal innovation; For futuristic construction, blasting, and coating projects.
  • If you have imagined the possibility of achieving a safe, environmentally responsible, and grander surface preparation. Sponge jet gives you the tools needed to bring it to reality.
  • Time and time again, we have seen construction managers, engineers, and personnel; Waste resources because those resources are too small to pick up from the site of construction. In the end, this can translate to funds misappropriation and mismanagement.
  • Moreover, these tiny objects and debris can make the job messier and revolting. Hence the need for a cleaner, safer, and environmentally responsible way of blasting construction projects.

If you want to achieve dry, dustless, and cost-efficient blasting; While protecting the integrity of plant equipment and personnel, you should consider TCS. With the unprecedented efficiency of the sponge jet tech; Tristate Contracting solutions can help you achieve, all levels of cleanliness in your operations.

What is EPA lead-safe certification?

The Environmental protection agency enacted strict laws, to guide and protect against pollution and contamination. As a result, of exposure to lead. Houses built before 1978 are the most affected by these laws as in this period, lead paints were very common.

Renovation agencies who want to embark on containment of lead must have a certification; Which shows that they are qualified and can handle lead problems effectively. Also building built before this period, are safe when they are checked and found clean of lead; And, safe for habitation.

Here is some important information you need to know, about the EPA lead-safe certification.

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