Black mold removal services, by experts.

Black mold removal and the dangerous effect of black mold on health.  For homeowners and pets, calls for immediate action by an EPA-certified mold remover in NYC. 

  • Black mold is a fungal outgrowth that belongs to the family of the most toxic molds. It is found in damp corners of your home and in cellulose-rich materials. When black mold grows in a home, it produces mycotoxins, which are dangerous to the health of humans.
  • Mycotoxin from black mold poses health threats to anyone who comes in contact with it, both homeowners and their pets. Black mold thrives in damp and moist conditions. It can appear anywhere in your home (especially after water damage) as dark coloration.
Black Mold Removal

How dangerous is black mold?

The dangerous effect of black mold on the health of homeowners and pets. Oftentimes, you will find black mold in warm, moist environments in your home, including your kitchen, basement, bathroom, toilet, and shower. You can also spot black mold on wood, dirt, paper, or just any humid environment.

Whenever you spot black mold in your home, you should take a fast black mold removal action, otherwise, you may expose yourself and every member of your home to mold poisoning. If there is black mold in your HVAC system or your drywall, you may need a professional service to come in and care for your space. Commercial mold killers or mold removal services know how to do their jobs correctly. They kill the black mold and also treat your home to prevent the mold from growing again. Be sure that your contractor is licensed with an EPA Certificate, for mold remediation and issues.

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Health Symptoms of Black Mold

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Is It Safe To Clean Black Mold Yourself?

While some homeowners like to go the DIY way for everything in their homes, you must know that black mold is an unhealthy health-damaging element that mostly requires the intervention of a professional. Coming in contact with it may put you at a health risk that you can easily avoid by letting trained individuals take the job. You may want to go through the black mold removal process by yourself if the black mold covers a small area or grows on a smooth, easy-to-clean surface. Also, if you are not sensitive to mold or do not have any health condition that can be triggered by contact with black mold, you can clean the small area by yourself.

However, if the black mold in your space covers a large area;

You definitely must call on a mold removal service near you. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), if the mold covers an area greater than 3ft by 3ft, you should enlist the help of a mold removal service. Also, if the mold develops after water damage or flooding, you may want to contact a mold removal service. Mold infestation after water damage is usually a severe case that needs professional intervention. Kitchen and bath remodeling estimates.

How Professional Mold Removers, Remove Molds?

You may be tempted to do your black mold removal yourself, but the truth is you may end up causing more disaster. If the problem is not done properly, you may find some more growth after a few weeks and you will have to keep doing this over and over again. Calling in EPA-certified professionals to take care of the mold remediation process will save you a lot of stress, health troubles, and disaster you might have caused for putting yourself to the task.

An EPA-certified professional mold removal company – understands the discomfort and health dangers black mold can cause to homeowners, so they come in to ensure that a perfect removal job is done. EPA certified Professional mold removers use the following mold removal steps to remove molds from your home. Commercial Contractors.

They assess the source of the problem

Mold remediation is beyond just removing the mold itself, it entails a proper assessment of the problem source. When the source of the problem is identified, then the mold can be removed and prevented from reoccurring. Home improvement contractors.

Behind every mold problem, there is a moisture or water problem. So, the first thing professionals do is to locate where or how the moisture gets into your home. Now you can think of how to fix the moisture problem to avoid more black mold problems in your home. Meanwhile, locating the moisture or water source doesn’t only help with preventing further black mold problems, but also helps to uncover other hidden places where there might be black molds in your home.

They carry out a proper evaluation of the situation;  How to remove mold from inside walls?

  • EPA-certified professionals take to the proper evaluation, which involves documentation, testing, and devising a remediation plan for your home. They determine if the homeowners need to move out while they remove the mold.
  • This decision is made depending on the extent of the black mold contamination in the home. Home renovations.
  • After proper evaluation, they clean up molds while preventing themselves and the people from getting exposed to them.
What is the EPA certification for mold services and, why is so Important?

When hiring a commercial mold killer, you must be sure that they have the EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency) certification. This certification shows, that the technician you are looking to hire has passed the US different certification levels. And is qualified to work, in your home, even more, on your property. Someone without an EPA certification isn’t someone that should be hired for mold remediation in your home. 

As it takes mold removers through an overview;

Of mold remediation and mold prevention. It gives a guideline on how to carry out mold removal properly and effectively. As a homeowner, you shouldn’t trust a commercial mold killer without an EPA certification to work in your home.

TRISTATE CONTRACTING SOLUTIONS INC. is an EPA-certified mold removal company you can trust for mold removal in your home. Offering also other services, including;

  • Mold Remediation- getting rid of mold before they get bigger.
  • Lead Removal & Lead paint removal to prevent contamination in your home and the environment.
  • HPD violation(s) removal, involves correcting plumbing and heating violations in your building.
  • Interior Demolition for your remodeling projects. Basement repair included.
  • Exterior restoration – we help in restoring the heritage of your building.
  • Interior renovations- we fix and make everything in your home better.
  • Sponge jet technology– we change the costly outdated items in your home for improved and reliable performance.
  • NYC, Fire escape restoration & violations – we help to install and maintain your fire escape so that it lasts as the building itself.
Covered by homeowners’ insurance? 

Black mold removal services – Sadly, homeowners’ insurance only covers mold removal if the mold results. From a covered peril such as lightning, fire, vandalism, theft, frozen pipes, and a home improvement warehouse. If the mold is a result of a lack of maintenance or a new leak; A homeowner can’t lay an insurance claim. In NYC, most homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover mold damage. However, if the mold is a result of an accidental covered peril, the cost of mold removal may be covered. Read more details about the new Sponge jet technology.

Mold services in your home should start as soon as possible. Leaving it for long is a detriment to your health. Contact Tri-state Contracting solutions ING. today for all your mold problems. We offer a 24/7 free estimate, reach out to us to get yours today.

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