Sponge-Jet technology and its benefits.

A comprehensive guide on the applications of sponge jet technology in surface preparation and general construction operations for professionals and managers.

What is, the Sponge jet technology?

Sponge jet technology is a cutting-edge innovation used by conservators, historical architects, contractors, construction managers, reliability engineers, health, safety, and industrial hygienist, to expel dust and debris from surfaces. It offers an efficient and conservative way of preventing disruptions to construction projects where surface preparation is applicable. Home improvement contractors.

It is also the principal technology for eliminating dust associated with mold removal, lead removal, lead paint removal, interior demo, interior demolition, fire escape restoration, and NYC home renovations.

Sponge jet technology

The technology bills itself as a dry,
dustless, and ricochet-free alternative for blasting surfaces.

Making it the ideal media for specifying an impeccable white-metal blast. Therefore, it offers a lot of options in cleaning, piping, structural steel, HPD violations, interior renovations, Fire escape violations, exterior restorations, equipment, and other marine applications. You can use this piece of tech to achieve high profiles of cleanliness up to 4mils or 100 microns. Needless to say that it is the ideal choice for achieving all required cleaning standards, from white metal, to commercial gray, and even down to near-white cleanliness levels. Mold and Lead removal services.

When preparing surfaces with abrasives;

it is often difficult to keep the abrasive ricochets at bay. left unchecked these ricochets can enter the sensitive parts of the machines. At the end of the day, these dusty conditions can cause faults for your equipment or worse, cause you to shut down. However, with sponge jet technology, you can clear dusty conditions with unprecedented efficiency.

Thereby reducing your exposure to faults enthused by dust or debris, and reducing the overall costs of downtime. Sponge jet technology protects the integrity of the personnel just as much as the integrity of the equipment. With this unique piece of tech, you can consolidate and manage proximity tasks. But that is not all. Sponge media is also applicable to corrosion and maintenance projects.

In general, 75% of the coating failures experienced in corrosion and maintenance projects result from improper or inadequate surface preparation.

Before now, most surface preparation strategies leave dust and debris on the prepared surface. But with the unprecedented efficiency that sponge jet delivers, change is imminent. By blasting with a sponge jet, experts can achieve optimal surface preparation. Consequently, they’ll improve adhesion, and increase the overall lifespan of the coat itself. Useful article: Mold inspection.

Sponge Jet technology NY


  1. Time-saving

Time is of the essence when you need to complete and consolidate proximity projects. As a result, a piece of tech that can save time on a range of construction processes; Is the ideal media, for professionals. Besides, sponge media expels dust particles and debris; Which can expose your equipment, to faults and malfunctions.

Thus, helping you save time on possible downtimes. On top of that, sponge jet technology can be used to achieve near-perfect visibility for operators. Which can boost efficiency during operations! Commercial Contractors.

  1. Boost coating life

Over 75% of the coating failures experienced, in corrosion and maintenance projects result; From improper or inadequate surface preparation. These results can be reduced considerably, by using sponge media abrasives to abrade the surfaces during preparation. Moreover, smooth, dry, and dustless surfaces; Are more suitable for coating operations, they make it easy for the coat to stay on the surface without falling. Interior renovations.

  1. Reduce the overall expense of projects

If you want to save downtime costs and, the overall expense; Of fixing equipment that is damaged due to exposure. For debris and dust particles, a sponge jet is an ideal choice. You can also recover and recycle materials like nails, screws, and nuts from your operation site.

  1. Protect sensitive assets

Sensitive equipment like motors, exchangers, and hydraulics. Mechanical seals, pneumatic cylinders, and compressors. And bearings can be safeguarded, by propelling sponge jet media unto their exposed surfaces. Best Brownstone Renovation for this year!

Other benefits include: 

  • dustless blasting.
  • Boosts plant equipment reliability.
  • reduce water consumption.

Why Tristate Contracting Solutions use this technology?

Tristate Contracting solutions, is a company committed to providing 100% satisfactory services. To clients in NYC Tri-state and its encompassing areas. This commitment has driven the company; To seek out ways to save time and reduce wastage, on all projects. Considering also, all the NYC building violations.

All things considered, Sponge jet technology is the most effective and most conservative technology. For achieving superior results in construction, corrosion, and maintenance projects. TCS uses this technology, for Mold remediation and mold removal. Lead removal, Lead paint removal and interior demo. Interior demolition, fire escape restoration, and interior renovations. Fire escape violations, exterior restorations, and so on.

With this unique technology, TCS expels the old, time-wasting processes and improve overall coating performance by a wide margin. Here are some of the many benefits that sponge jet technology offers to contractors, engineers, and managers.

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