Interior renovations and Remodeling


Interior Demolition and Interior Renovations. 

Interior Renovation services and interior design? When and why?

  • If your home, office, and apartment are old and in need of repairs and you realize that it has been a while you carried out renovation, you must give your space a new touch, with new smart ideas that make your life more comfortable. Of course, you will need professionals with experience for that.
  • If your space was affected by fire, a plumbing error which caused some major problems or your interior has lost some of its original beauty.
  • If you feel the desire to change something about your home. It may be your desire to change some rooms or to make your bathroom bigger.
  • You may live in a building that has an interesting story attached to it or it is a historical building handed down to you from your parents or grandparents. Although the walls currently look faded and have lost its color, you do not want to demolish it. When you contact us we can partner with you to ensure your building receives a careful treatment and beautiful renovation while maintaining its historical authenticity.

HPD and DOH Lead Violations Removal experts.
Mold Violations Services.


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If you do not already know,  lead is very dangerous. Lead paint is also equally dangerous.  To handle lead removal and managing of lead paint,  you need to carry out lead inspection and lead risk assessment so that you can make the right decision. The environmental protection agency (EPA)  requires that any company which carries out lead abatement on buildings built before 1978 should be certified and carry out some specific lead removal practices.

What do you need to know, about mold problems?

Many people does not know about the mold problems until it is very late. People usually ignore the symptoms until it has advanced and the situation is worse. Mold can lead to asthma attacks due to allergens which they produce. Aspergillus and the popular black mold causes serious side effects as well. G keyword – kitchen cabinets.

When you are handling mold problems, you must note that safety is paramount. Because of this, you need to let professionals handle the black mold removal processes for you. At Tristate Contracting Solutions Inc, we offer you services with our almost 25 years’ experience in handling problems like this.