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Since 1992, Tristate Contracting Solutions Inc has been providing the highest quality Remodeling company services; When it comes to interior and exterior renovations. Only Certificated and Licensed contractors for; HPD and DOH lead paint and Mold removal services.

At Tristate Contracting Solutions Inc we are very eager to hear about your renovation ideas and provide you with the best professionals who can put them to work for your home or your building.

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Tri-state refers to the three states of: New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

The NYC tri-state area covers all five boroughs of New York City, Nassau and Suffolk County in Long Island, Westchester County, Bergen, Passaic, and Hudson Counties in New Jersey, and Fairfield County in Connecticut.

More than 25 years of experience in Homes and Buildings in NYC.
Above all, new technologies (Sponge jet technology) for commercial projects. Remodeling company with immediately free estimates, 24/7. 

Customer service, (917) 908-0089. Emergency phone, (917) 468-8422.

Remodeling company

US Environmental Protection Agency (1)

CERTIFICATED BY (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency – US 
Established in December 1970 by President Richard Nixon. It is an agency of the United States federal government whose mission is to protect human and environmental health.

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Home Improvement LICENSE 2022
Lead-based paint CERTIFICATE

Home renovations and, What we can do for you.

In other words, with our certification; We have the right qualification from the EPA to renovate buildings and apartments in the pre-1978 group. This certification is important if a professional is to perform tasks that could disturb lead-based paints and expose humans to it.  The EPA also has a list of certified renovators in the EPA program website. Most importantly, this information shows you professionals who have experienced enough, to carry out the tasks you require.

Most importantly, we endeavor to make good use of lead-safe work practices as we carry out our activities. That is to say, you must make use of professionals who can contain lead pollution; Consequently, instead of trying to do it yourself without experience. Best Remodeling company for last year, considering the 5 stars reviews and custome expiriences.


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Home remodeling; Some helpful practices that helps if you would disturb lead includes:

  • Working in a space one at a time. And making use of plastic sheets to seal off the area of work from the rest of the house. Therefore, everything must be removed from the room and covered with two plastic sheets
  • Protect yourself too from lead poisoning by wearing overalls and shoes. Also, hair covering is also important.
  • For lead dust and fumes, High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are very useful.  Fabric dusk masks are not sufficient to protect you from lead dust. Therefore, avoid eating when working in a lead site.
  • Clean up thoroughly before leaving the area. Above all, dispose of the clothes used and use HEPA vacuum cleaners to remove dust from clothes.

Best Remodeling Company for Bathroom and Kitchen, total renovations.

In addition, when water gets into your property, mold could start to grow in just 2 days. However, you can prevent mold by taking care of it immediately, when you have an outbreak. Therefore, should also contact a well-renowned team of professionals to help you handle this problem. Certainly, You need to learn about moisture and how water and moisture problems relate to mold formation. Remodeling company, TriState CotractIng solutions have for 25 years providing top-notch services;  For customers in the area of renovation and interior demolition. Lead removal for instance, mold removal and remediation.


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TCS Contractors performed exceptional work on the renovation project of our brownstone building. I would defiantly recommend them for all types of Exterior restorations or any Interior renovation. 

Alexander Sheridoom , Yorkville, Manhattan
Mold Remediation

We needed to have our bathroom completely gutted and renovated. The quality of their work was very high and they made sure that I was completely happy with everything.

Amelia Manson , Soho, Manhattan NY
Lead Removal

Fantastic, fast and professional services. Big thank you to “George” who handled the tests at my place and answered all my questions and concerns.

Jonathan Watson, New Haven, Connecticut
Interior renovations

They were super responsive and came right away. Explained the whole process step by step. Since they are certified by EPA, now I can use their reports to submit any of my claims.

Sarah Beggistone , Roselle Park, New Jersey
Interior Demolition

I never leave reviews, but my experience with Tristate Contracting Solutions Inc was amazing from start to finish. For instance, George was super friendly with many smart new ideas for our apartment.

Ezequiel Eoinian , Roosevelt Island, NYC