Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is a process of identifying and eradicating large-scale mold in a home. Effective remediation is carried out by mold specialists. Mold specialists come into your home to examine and test. Evaluate and give the ideal solution to the mold problems, in your home or your apartment. Remediation has proven to be a major way to improve homeowners’ health.

Is mold removal covered by homeowners’ insurance in NYC?

Most homeowner’s insurance policies in NYC usually exempt mold cleanup services. However, a homeowner can lay an insurance claim if the mold damage is a result; Of an accidental covered peril such as vandalism, theft, fire, lightning, etc. In a case whereby the mold issues are a result of failed maintenance or a new leak, removal costs may not be covered. Also, make sure that mold remediation cost is within your coverage; As the average cost per square foot varies, depending on multiple factors. Useful articles: Black mold removal. Free estimates 24/7 for – home restoration.

Mold Remediation Process

The process is one that eliminates the source of surplus moisture from your home. This process is also a preventative one as it prevents mold from growing in your home subsequently. You would often find chlorine bleach as an agent to kill mold. However, bleach is not a biocide. Mold Stat is an example of a product for killing mold problems.

After the sources of moisture are identified, the specialist documents the mold situation in your home through writing, video, and photos. The essence of the documentation process is to devise a mediation plan and necessary testing to be done. At this point, homeowners may need to vacate their homes while the remediation process takes place and return upon completion of the process. The extent of the contamination and infestation determines if you need to leave the house. CDC Cleanup and Remediation.

Mold Remediation

The goals of remediation and mold removal

Removal and remediation are major processes for getting rid of mold from your home. Mold is unhealthy in your space, so it should be removed, and your space; Should be remediated, as soon as possible. The goal of removal and remediation include the following:

  1. Removal of surface mold from your household materials: The process of mold remediation and removal, targets the removal of mold and microfungi; From the surfaces of the items in your household. It makes walls, floors, and all surfaces in your home free of molds.
  2. Get rid of airborne mold from the air: mold thrives in damp, moist corners in your home. The growth of mold in your home makes microscopic spores circulate and contaminate the air. When airborne mold is inhaled by the inhabitant of a home, they may begin to experience mold poisoning symptoms; Like wheezing, coughing, and respiratory and mucous membrane irritation.
  3. Prevent recurrence of mold: remediation and removal aim at eradicating and preventing molds from reoccurring in your space. These processes involve, creating a solution to problems; By curing the source and further preventing mold from getting into your home. Brownstone Renovation experts.

Reinstate the health of your home.

After the process, your home that was once healthy, safe, and comfortable to live in is reinstated. Now, you can have fresh air that is free of airborne mold in your home.

  • Restoration of mold-infested building and its contents: The process wipes out mold from the interior of a home to restore it to the good condition that it was in. The content of a mold-infested building is also, restored through mold elimination and mold mediation.
  • Restoration of indoor air quality: The air quality in the interior of a mold-infested home is poor, and may lead to health risks; Such as wheezing, coughing, and vomiting. Tiredness, headache, irritation of the mucous membranes and the respiratory tract.

The Dangers of Mold

When mold grows in a home, the entire space becomes smelly; Suffocating, and unappealing due to the damage it has caused to the walls, floors, and surfaces. The dangers of mold infestation in a home do not spare the homeowners and even their pets. Exposure to mold can trigger both allergies and infections in humans.

  • People who are highly sensitive to mold elicit symptoms of mold allergies, when they stay in a mold-infested space. 
  • Mold can easily spread around and could be inhaled from contaminated air, or mistakenly ingested; Which may then result in health risks.

The manifestation of mold poisoning symptoms from inhalation or ingestion includes breathing difficulties or respiratory; Distress and nausea; Vomiting and headaches. Fatigue, sneezing, and coughing; Mucous membranes irritation, suppression of the immune system. Skin discomfort, redness – itching of eyes and nose. 

Only Hire an EPA Certified Renovation Contractor.

As much as there are several renovation contractors, around town. Ensure that who you are hiring, is a certified renovation contractor. The EPA certification is a major license every Renovation contractor or mold mediation specialist should have. It gives an overview of the guidelines and procedures of how to carry out remediation properly. So, the next time you are hiring a renovation contractor; You can as well confirm their EPA certification before going further.

 Tri-State Contracting Solutions is a certified Renovation Contractor you can trust.

We improve and restore your home, leaving it free from mold. We also offer other services including.

  • Lead Removal & Lead paint removal to prevent contamination in your home and the environment.
  • HPD violations – involve correcting plumbing and heating violations in your building.
  • Interior Demolition for your remodeling projects.
  • Exterior restoration – we help in restoring the heritage of your building.
  • Interior renovations – we fix and make everything in your home better.
  • Sponge jet technology- we change the costly outdated items in your home for improved and reliable performance.
  • NYC, Fire escape restoration & violations – we help to install and maintain your fire escape so that it lasts as the building itself.
clean up the mold
When mold gets into your home, it creates a lot of trouble.

It contaminates your health as it spread through your space. Contact with mold, either by ingesting or inhaling it can cause several health conditions. The most important thing to learn about mold is its causes, as it follows the law of cause and effect. Water causes mold, so you will commonly find mold in damp, moist, or warm areas in the home. When water gets into your property, mold may start to grow in as short as 48 hours.

As soon as you discover moldy areas in your home, you need to hire the services of a licensed mold assessment contractor; To facilitate the removal project of your home. Their job is to inspect and assess your property to identify and discover the presence of mold. Sometimes, homeowners mistake some other issues for mold so there is a need for a specialist to assess your home; So you don’t spend money on a mere assumption.

The specialist evaluates your home and tells you what the source of the problem is.

Usually, every mold problem begins with water problems either from flooding, pipe leak, etc. After the problem is confirmed, by your licensed mold assessment contractor; You need to contact a licensed home improvement contractor, to correct the underlying source of the problem. If you don’t fix the source of the problem, the mold problem will persist. For this reason, it is a drastic operation; That must be carried out to eliminate or eradicate mold from your space. Removal and mold remediation are restorative processes that restore the indoor air quality of a home.

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