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A leading brownstone renovation contractor for New York City, and Long Island,  since 1995. Our home improvement company offers high-quality remodeling services. Additionally, our unique craftsmanship and decade of experience make us reputable in the city. 

Restore your Brownstone living with its original charm and classic beauty by renovating. Brownstone repair is an autocratic task in that you cannot take chances hiring an amateur contractor at a low price.  They can damage your home as you end up spending more. Landmark Buildings requires someone with comprehensive interior design and, architecture knowledge. Your project will need, maximum attention and paramount care.

How much does it cost to renovate an NYC townhouse building?

A lot of homeowners search for affordable contractors. Here are some of the best prices for brownstone renovation in the city that won’t compromise the service quality. The average cost for the entire house renovation in NYC ranges from $120 to $220 per square foot. Avoid hiring uninsured, rookie, or unlicensed contractors. You may have to overspend or end up with incomplete work.

The gut renovation’s high pricing ranges from $110 to $240. It grants you peace of mind knowing the average market price. We also give you an assurance you are working with experts. On the other hand, the cost for the (wet spaces) plumbing gut is higher. The price is $350 to $400 per square foot for bathrooms, while the kitchen is $250-$350. Unfortunately, if you get an illegal contractor and they end up destroying your house in any way, you cannot sue them. Tailor-Made needs, as Lead abatement

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How long does it take, for a Brownstone renovation?

Is a transformative project that doesn’t happen overnight. The TCS Inc team puts extensive care, caution, and consideration into the renovation job. Homeowners that need a two-story addition get a better value than a single or three-story project. The latter takes a lot of time to dig up to the cellar level. Furthermore, the structural cost is higher.

It takes around eight months of active building time to complete a full renovation. However, if the renovation does not intricate a major landmark or has permit problems. The more time it will take for bathrooms, severe the changes that interfere with the reconfigure systems such as plumbing, HVAC, and electricity.

Once we receive your renovation request, a team of experts, contractors, engineers, and architects will meet you at Onsight to assess the property. Brownstone, based in New York City historic districts, needs more time. You must acquire approval from the Landmark Commission. The exterior renovations are more complex than the interior ones.  However, getting a legit renovation company with expert architects who understands your project and design needs can promptly help negotiate with the DOB and boards.  Obtaining a permit allows the project to run smoothly without hitches.

NYC building violations!

Wondering which are the latest codes for NYC building violations? The Department of Building (DOB) puts the safety of residents first. Therefore, penalties apply to those who violate the rules. If your home doesn’t comply with the law, you may receive a violation notice. However, some breaches may not be severe, and the homeowner can overlook them. Depending on the magnitude of the violation, you may even receive a summon from the criminal court or face prosecution. HPD Violations.

The building and construction codes often change. Hence, we advise homeowners to monitor and adhere to the guidelines. By doing this, you will avoid unnecessary charges or fines. It is only a small house renovation that doesn’t require a DOB permit. There are two general types of work under the license for a major renovation. One is to change the building use from commercial to residential, combine apartments, or add a bedroom or bathroom. The other renovation category is the one that needs electrical, construction, and plumbing trades. So long as you must open up the walls, it is essential to acquire the permit. Useful post for Apartment Renovation!

Type of DOB

There are three classifications of DOB which outline the intensity of every violation. Each class has a different amount of fine.

They are as follows:

  • Class 1/C – life-threatening risky violations that need instant treatment. It may be affecting personal health, life, public interest, and personal safety. The duration to rectify the issue may range from 24 hours to 21 days.
  • Class 2/B – The violation does not require immediate attendance. It may breach the building code, causing a hazard to one’s life, health, property, personal safety, and public interest. Fix the violation within 30 days.
  • Class3/A – These are kinds of violations beneath class 1 and class 2. They have a minimal threat on the property and are not hazardous to one’s life. Need 90 days to rectify the violation.
Common DOB Violations

DOB has numerous violations ranging from environmental and structural factors. Here is a list of typical violation notices.

  1. Lack of fire extinguishers or smoke detectors.
    Homeowners must provide a smoke detector and a fire extinguisher. However, it is the tenant’s responsibility to maintain the equipment.
  2. Pests and Mold.
    Tenants are liable for the house’s cleanliness to avoid the excessive growth of mold or pests. Nonetheless, in case of rampant vermin and mold overgrowth, it becomes the owner’s responsibility.
  3. Sufficient water temperature.
    It is the responsibility of property owners to avail adequate water with at least 120°. The indoor temperature should always be greater than that of the outside.
Design and build according to your budget!

Get the best brownstone revolution contractor that can accommodate all your needs.  Tristate Contracting Solutions Inc’s workmanship offers long-lasting results. We deliver quality services at the agreed price and duration. Hire professionals with adequate knowledge and skills. Our company understands the importance of using safe quality equipment. Call us today for your Brownstone renovation!

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