Basement Repair services, for New Yor Cty.

Basement repair is inevitable as long as you have a basement in your home. There is nothing as bad as going through the experience of having a wet basement. There are several things that can result in having a series of basement problems but having water damage in your basement has to be by far the most serious of any of these problems.

A wet basement can be a result of leaks from either the basement window, the drainage system, the pump, or even the crawl space. Certain levels of damage to the basement, the basement walls, and the basement foundation can lead to you needing to carry out a complete overhaul in your basement.

This can also lead to mold problems in the basement and the resulting mold damage from this can also lead to a complete renovation or remodeling of the basement. This is one issue that every homeowner dreads having to face as it is a very tasking and expensive one to rectify.

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Basement Repair

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Mold From A Basement?

A mold problem is a serious problem not only to your home but also to your health. Mold removal is not a cut and dry case and it varies depending on the growth level of the mold and the level of damage it has caused to the building. NYC Department of Buildings.

A fair estimate can run anywhere from $500 to $4000 especially when it occurs in areas like crawlspaces. With an estimated range like that, it is important that you get a qualified contractor for the job.

It should be noted that homeowners’ insurance can cover your mold removal but only if the cause was beyond your control. Causes of a wet basement such as humidity and flooding, which is preventable would not be covered by insurance. Also, the Drain system installation fees.

How Can I Stop Water damage Into My Basement?

The main cause of a wet basement is water leakage and water seeping into the basement. The best way to deal with this problem is to try to avoid it altogether. Water in the basement can occur from 2 major sources, indoor source, and outdoor source. An indoor source is a humidity, which causes water to condense in cold areas. The outdoor source is water that soaks through and then leaks into the basement.

The first step is to figure out where the problem is coming from whether indoor or outdoor.

A simple test would be by taping and aluminum foil to the basement wall for a few days. On inspection of the foil, if there is moisture on the exterior of the foil, it means that your water problems stem from the humidity within the basement and if the moisture happens to be on the inside of the foil, it means that the water is leaking in from the outside.

Home Improvement Contractors with Experience to Hire

At the end of the day, regardless of the job you want to be done in your basement; You need a basement waterproofing contractor to carry out the job. An experienced contractor would be able to get you a fair estimate on the work; That needs to be done and would ensure that the job is carried out following all the necessary codes and regulations.

Tri-State Contracting Solutions Inc is one of the best-certified contractors in NY. With more than enough experience under their belt to assure you that your job would be a success. With Tri State Contracting Solutions Inc. you can get a free estimate 24/7. By an expert at any time; Not just for mold removal but for your general basement repairs and foundation repair. Commercial Contractors for NY. 

There are a number of possible solutions to these water problems; Depending on the source and here are some of them: 

  1. Eliminate The Excess Humidity

The idea here is to deal with the indoor humidity as the source of the water problem in the basement. The elimination of humid air will lead to a dry basement. You can do this, by sealing off leaking vents; Installing a vent fan in the basement bathroom. And, making sure that the basement windows are closed when the weather is humid. Condensation can also be prevented, by insulating your pipes with foam. Basement wall insulation can also help to stop condensation.

  1. Repair The Basement Foundation And Basement Walls

In the event that the source of the water problem is from the outside. You would want to make sure that you check for leaks, holes, and cracks and make sure that they are all sealed up. This can be one during a basic basement repair process; In the event of a basement remodeling, this can also be carried out. NYC Violations and Vacates.

  1. Waterproof The Basement

The waterproofing system is the use of waterproof materials, to prevent water from seeping into the basement. An example of this material is waterproof paint.

  1. Install A Drainage System

In many cases, the basement problem goes beyond minor fixes it requires a permanent solution. A drainage system is one such solution. A simple sump pump or drainage mat should be installed in the basement, to prevent future problems. Following a minor renovation to prevent future problems.

Following a wet basement, is a mold problem and as with any type of repairs done to the basement. Wet basements cause mold accumulation which costs homeowners to get rid of.

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